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Ride and Seek 2013 Tours

Ride and Seek blog tours 2013

Following the successful conclusion of Hannibal 2012 we're delighted to have received plenty of interest for our tours in 2013. Presently we have a number of custom tours in the pipeline but in terms of open dates for our other tours the dates below are what we have in mind. Please get in contact if you have any questions.

2013 dates

May 26th- June 1st Provence Classic

June 1st -8th Umbria Villa Based

June 8th -15th Umbria Villa Based

June 16th - 24th Tuscany Classic

June 16th -24th Hannibal Stage 2: Avignon to Gavi

Sept 4th -11th Piedmont Classic 

Sept 4th - 11th Tuscany Classic 

Sept 7th - Oct 2nd Hannibal Epic: Barcelona to Rome

Sept 7th to 15th Hannibal Stage 1: Barcelona to Avignon

Sept 15th – 23rd Hannibal Stage 2: Avignon to Gavi

Sept 16th -24th  Velosophy custom Hannibal Stage 2: Avignon to Gavi

Sept 23rd -Oct 2 Hannibal Stage 3: Gavi to Rome

Oct 5th -12th Umbria Villa Based

Oct 5th - 13th Umbria Classic

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Custom Tours

Please note that all of our tours can also be run as 'custom' tours. If you are able to guarantee a minimum number of participants on a tour you can have both the benefit of participating in an 'exclusive' tour as well as choosing the dates you'd like to travel - subject to availability. The minimum number varies from tour to tour but is as low as 8 participants on a couple of the tours. This is the perfect solution for group travel where you can choose to add or take away elements of the tour to make it just how you'd like it. So if you've got a family getaway to plan, a special occasion to celebrate or just a group of mates looking for a place to ride please get in touch.

Which is the tour for me?

Our 'Espresso' grading system is designed to give you a guide to what tour is best suited to your riding ability. Click here for details of what how our grading system works. For a detailed assessment of how each tour is assessed though you need to go to the specific tour page.

Centre based and Villa based tours? In essence both of these tour concepts provide scope to explore a region in depth without having to change accommodation every other day. Both are designed to create more of a ‘holiday’ experience by providing a base which you can settle in to and with cycling to suit all levels. I’ve tried to provide a clearer outline below -

Umbria Villa Based

Just as the name suggests this tour is based out of a villa in the Umbrian countryside. Umbria is the perfect destination for this kind of tour as the sights are so ‘compact’ which provides scope for varied rides from the villa every day.  Each day we are able to offer both a regular and a long ride to cater for all levels of abilities. With the exception of one meal in a nearby town all meals are catered in the villa by our excellent local cooks. This tour is perfect for a custom group tour or for couples with different cycling aspirations. The photos below show our 5 bedroom villa near Todi. We also have some larger villa options to suit bigger groups.


Click here for an overview of the region of Umbria 


Provence Centre Based 

Conceptually this tour is similar to the Umbria one in so far as we have reduced the number of hotel changes. In this case though you stay in hotels and rather than just the one base we have chosen two. The advantage of this is you get chance to explore more of the region and we are able to be more flexible in terms of how many guests we can accommodate. In terms of meals we eat in a variety of different restaurants during the week and just as with the Umbria tour the riding is geared to suit all levels. If you want to stay by the pool you can, just as if you want you climb Mont Ventoux, that too can be accommodated. Below is a photo of our hotel in St Remy de Provence as well as an painting from one of the towns most famous residents.


Click here for an overview of the region of Provence

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