What is included in the Tour Package?

What’s included in the tour?

We have endeavored to make out tour offerings among the most inclusive in the bike tourism industry so you are not faced with a series of extra expenses once you join us on tour.

Standard Inclusions

  • Bed and Breakfast accommodation
  • Picnic lunches
  • All evening meals – except for rest days
  • Ride and Seek Jersey or T-shirt

Ride and Seek Value Add ons

  • Coffee Vouchers
  • mid-week laundry service
  • Veloforte nutrition
  • Post-ride recovery snack table

Since most things are included, perhaps an easier way to answer this question is to look at what is not included. What is not included – Airfares, airport Transfers, Travel Insurance, and Alcoholic beverages.

We do not include bike hire in the price either as we know that many of you prefer to bring your own. If you do wish to rent we have a range of high end bikes in our fleet. You can see the details here Bike fleet

Riad El Amine in Fes. Our friend Noureddine hosts us in his palatial Riad next to the Fes Medina on our Conquest of the Moors Tour


We have carefully selected the places we stay in based on their ‘personality’ and the hospitality of the hosts. Be it Paradors in Spain, a Chateau in France, or Agriturismi in Italy, we seek to connect you with the places we travel in, through the accommodations we choose.


Our dinner venue in the city of Melbourne at the end of the second stage of our Strzelecki Australian Epic Tour


We immerse you in the culture of the areas that we visit and this is very much reflected by the menus that we present on tour. Whether it be an end-of-stage gala meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant or a buffet smorgasbord we seek to provide a sense of place through the food and wine we choose for you. We always try to dine as early as is culturally possible and work with the restaurants we use to keep the service brisk. 

We are very adept at accommodating dietary needs and work closely with the restaurants we choose to ensure they adhere to your requests. 


Our guide team is well established with many having been with us since we started out, Their expertise, sense of fun, and attention to detail is second to none.

Expert Support

Long before the tour begins our Trip Specialists and operations teams are busy planning the logistics of all aspects of your tour. The routes are meticulously scouted by the guide teams and our  tour materials are the best in the business. We then weave the layers of historical and cultural context to immerse you in the places you travel through. 

On tour the guides will support you with navigation, safety, mechanics, language skills, charm and local knowledge. Allowing you to simply turn the pedals at your own pace and soak up the ambience of your surroundings.


The tour flow is tried and tested and is geared to let you focus on turning the pedals whilst we sweat the details for you

Tour Structure

Our Epic tours follow a standard format. Your first day will include a warm-up ride, whether you’re starting at the beginning of an Epic tour, or joining us for a single stage. You’ll lunch with the guides who will give you a rundown of the tour ahead. You’ll then have a short ride to ensure your bike has traveled well, or if you are riding a hire bike, it fits you and is comfortable.

The next morning the cycling begins! The format for each ride day is similar, times are approximate.

7:30am Breakfast
8:30am Morning brief 
9:00am Ride out
11:00am Coffee and snack break
13:00 Picnic lunch on route
15:00-16:00 Arrive at next hotel
16:00-19:00 Free time to explore or rest
19:00 Pre dinner drink and brief
19:30 Dinner

Rest days give riders the chance to explore the town we are staying in and get the essentials, such as the week’s laundry, done. For this reason, we try to stay in interesting towns which have all the practical facilities available. This doesn’t mean you aren’t free to take your bike out for a spin or that you cannot take a rest on any other day. 


Want to know more about our tours?

👉Send us a message and one of our Trip specilaists will be in touch

We look forward to seeing you on the road soon! 


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