Hannibal Bike Tour Overview

Join us on a ride of historical proportions as we ride in the footsteps of Hannibal from Barcelona to Rome. Cycling on some of Europe’s most iconic and picturesque bike touring routes through Spain, France and Italy this epic journey has it all. Divided into 2 stages the Hannibal tour takes in some of the finest cycling you could ever wish to find. Picture postcard views abound as we traverse some of the iconic climbs of the Grand Tours, roll through the vineyards of the Languedoc, Provence, Piedmont and Tuscany, and sample the delights of the diverse gastronomy to be found along the route.

Experience total immersion in the landscape, history and culture of the places we visit as we ride this inspirational iconic trail on the road less travelled. Discover from the saddle why Hannibal’s invasion of Rome in 218 BC was a major turning point in history. This was the clash of the ancient superpowers. If Hannibal had been victorious against Rome our world today would be completely different. The Western world wouldn’t have Rome at its origins, rather a Middle Eastern colony based in North Africa!

Tour Structure

The Hannibal Epic is divided into 2 distinct stages and you can choose to do either of them or both.  At the end of every week we offer a ‘rest’ day. The official change over day is at the end of the first stage. On the rest and changeover days we try to stay in interesting towns which have all the practical facilities available (laundromat, ATM’s etc).  This doesn’t mean that you cannot take a rest any other day! The van is always available.


Team Members on this Tour

Dylan Reynolds