FAQ CORNER: Do I have to ride in a group?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear from prospective riders?

Riding on Korcula Island on Marco Polo

The answer is a categorical no! We pride ourselves on enabling you to ride at your own pace. Our van and bike guide support is structured to this end and with meticulously researched routes uploaded onto GPS units, we are very adept at managing a broad rider spread.

Picnic lunch at Lake Trasimene on Hannibal

We find that with designated coffee and lunch spots throughout the day the spread will ebb and flow but we are well versed in riders coming in at different times and actively encourage that to be the case. Whatever your ride style and ability we will facilitate you riding the tour at a pace that suits you.

Checking the Espresso Gradings

If you do like riding in a group you’ll typically find other riders in the group that roll at a pace that you feel comfortable with. That often becomes your own mini peloton during the course of the tour. One of the undoubted joys of these group tours is the opportunity to meet and ride with others but that choice is yours to make.

The Road Less Travelled through the Dolomites on Caesar

Another element of being able to ride at your own pace is that you don’t have to wait for your fellow riders. You are free to go as fast as you see fit and there is no requirement to stop at the top of cols for the backmarkers which some companies insist on. Grab that ‘col’ photo and then keep rolling.

Looking back towards France at the top of Col Agnel (2744m) on Hannibal 2013

Our tours are imbued with a sense of discovery and as such we actively encourage you to ‘smell the flowers’ along the way. Whether that means you are an avid photographer, a gourmet who wishes to take your time over one of our picnic lunches, or a coffee connoisseur the choice is yours as to how to negotiate the A to B of any given day.

Lunch stops to savour or just a grab and go

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